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News and Information for our RCS families . . . . . 2/12/16


We are officially 100 days smarter in kindergarten!

This year the 100th day of school & Valentine's day were wrapped into one.

We began the 100 day celebration by coming up with 100 reasons we love our school(thanks Ms. Wilkinson & Mrs. McKillip).

Some students simply said they love "painting" or "reading" while others gave longer descriptions "I love our school because I get to choose my recess." Of course all the teachers love centered on the students at RCS and the co-workers! We sure do love our school.

Students made 100 day crowns and crafts, counted to 100 repeatedly,

brought in collections of 100 things, as well as sharing the "100 love" by counting to other classes.

100 day projects brought from home included 100 q-tips fashioned into a farm scene, 100 buttons, 100 goldfish made into a picture, a 100 marshmallow igloo, 100 pom-pom gumballs, 100 legos, 100 stickers and more! We are creative little critters.

Students combined the excitement of the 100th day of school with a Valentine celebration where they shared snacks, Valentine's cards and a little Valentine video.

We will all need the long weekend to recover from a busy 100 days of kindergarten.

Very soon you will have to call us FIRST GRADE SCHOLARS!

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First Grade

First graders had an exciting day celebrating the 100th day of school! We practiced counting in many different ways. We decided that counting by tens is the most "efficient" way to count! First graders used different tools to count to 100, including macaroni, popcorn, and pennies. We also graphed and sorted conversation hearts. By the end of first grade, students are required to count to 120. Today was a fun and exciting way to practice this standard!

Fourth Grade

The 4th graders began a new module last week! They started by studying and sorting mystery pictures to try to figure out their new topic. Once they received their new text, they discovered that their new topic will be simple machines! They are very excited to read and write like scientists during the next few weeks. They have started learning the new vocabulary and they are currently working on a Readers Theater about simple machines!

Library Scholars

We have been busy learning all about fables in the library. Students in grades K-2 have spent the last two weeks analyzing a variety of fables and figuring out what makes them unique. We decided what really makes them stand out among other genres is that they all have animals as the main characters and they all have a moral (a lesson to be learned.) We have been reading some of Aesop’s most famous fables such as "The Tortoise and the Hare", "The Lion and the Mouse", "The Boy Who Cried Wolf", "The Ants and The Grasshopper" and so much more! We have learned the importance of always telling the truth, slow and steady wins the race, even the smallest guys can help someone in need, and hard work pays off! These scholars even found a Ripley Scholar Character Strength that describes each of the characters! Ask any of our library scholars their favorite fable and the moral that they learned!

Below you will see pictures of our 2nd grade friends acting out three of the fables in small groups.

Serious Sixth Grade Scientists

This week the sixth grade students completed the first case study in their expedition, GMO’s: Friend or Foe? Sixth graders have been gathering information about cells, heredity, genetics and the scientific method. This week their skills were put to the test when they designed, implemented, and presented a scientific experiment that they designed on their own. These scientists exceeded their teacher’s expectations and truly internalized the learning from this scientific process. Keep it up sixth grade, we are impressed and know you will continue to do great scientific work!

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From all of us to all of you - here's hoping you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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Monday, February 15 ~ NO SCHOOL - Presidents' Day (Building closed)

Thursday, February 25 ~ Chautauqua Safety Village, Ashville, PreK & K

Wednesday, March 2 ~ Read Across America Day!

Wednesday, March 2 ~ Pasta Dinner sponsored by Ripley Bicentennial Committee - please add to your calendar and watch for more information!

Friday, March 4 ~ Student Technology Expo

Wednesday, March 9 ~ "Peter and the Starcatchers" at the Erie Playhouse, Gr. 3, 4, 5

Thurs./Fri., March 10/11 ~ 1 PM Dismissal & no ASP due to Student Led Conferences!

Tuesday, March 15 ~ Agricultural Literacy Week Reader visits!

Mon.-Fri., March 21-25 ~ No School - Spring Break (Building closed Good Friday)

Tues., Wed., Thurs., April 5 - 7 ~ NYS ELA Exams, grades 3 - 6

Tuesday, April 12 ~ "Big Bad Wolf" at Shea Theater, Buffalo, K - gr. 2

Wed., Thurs., Fri., April 13 - 15 ~ NYS Math Exams, grades 3 - 6

Friday, April 29 ~ NO SCHOOL - Staff In-service Day