Seminar Two

Are you ready for week 2?


Remember, in this course, you have required Discussion Questions 1, 2, and 3. These have to be answered by Saturday, and they are not counted towards course participation. For these questions, I expect you to have completed the assigned reading, answer the questions completely, and to cite your sources.

This week we will be discussing Copyright laws and ethics, Privacy on social networking Sites, the Rise of Commerce in Africa in our reading and in the discussion board. I hope to see more conversation this week!


You have assigned readings every week, located in the library resources tab. I will typically create a lecture that will guide you to important information, but this lecture is only meant as a supplement to the assigned readings.

Here are the readings for this week:

Ethics tab > Required Reading/Viewing:

  • Read Electronic Media: Then, Now, and Later (publication date 2013) pages 244-249
  • Read The Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics, written by the Computer Ethics Institute \
  • Read and interact with the boxes on Intellectual Property/Copyright/Trademark Defined.
  • Read Five Copyright Myths Debunked- Understanding Copyright: 5 Myths Debunked!
  • Watch Cyber Ethics Parts 1, 2 and 3. Baker Films on Demand (Approximately 14 minutes)

Global/Social/Cultural tab> Required Reading/Viewing:

  • Watch Think b4 u Post: Your Reputation and Privacy on Social Networking Sites (21:31) Baker Films on Demand
  • Watch the following three videos Network Effect: Looking Forward (5:39), The Rise of M Commerce in Africa (4:35), M Commerce in Kenia (6:09)
  • Watch PBS video: Ghana: Digital Dumping Ground (20:29)
  • Computers, Internet and Society: Privacy, Security and Cyberspace (Plotkin, 2012). Read pages 100-102


There are many assignments during Seminar 2, so please be careful on your time management!

You have the required Dq’s (due by Saturday), the technological tidbit (due by Monday), the Personal technology Action Plan Phase II, and the Bamboozle Amusement Park assignment which are both due on Wednesday. Not to mention your daily participation which you still need to continue to do.

For the Bamboozle Amusement Park assignment, here are a few tips and guidelines. Do the research first! Remember to reference all of your sources for this assignment! If you have a good solid research base on ethics, and at least two computer hacking laws, you will be able to complete the final questions much easier. Make sure you answer each question thoroughly and completely using your research and citing your information.


I want all of you to succeed, so please do not hesitate to ask questions! I am available during the day by email or phone, and I am typically in the class after 6:00 every day! Keep up the good work, we will get through this class together!