Auto Mechanic

Why This Career Appeals To Me

The auto mechanic career appeals to me because I love working on cars. It has been my passion since before I could drive. There is nothing more exciting than finding a problem in a vehicle, and fixing it successfully. Every chance I get to be working on a car, that's where I am.

Working Conditions

The working environment of an auto mechanic is in a shop or garage. Most of the time you are working with others but it depends on how big the shop is to know how many people you would work with. There are many job hazards in the auto mechanic field. Some of these hazards are working with many power tools, vehicles in the air on lifts and many others.

Jobs and Requirement

There are many businesses that have this job available. All car dealer ships have a shop, such as Vans Honda, Broadway Chevy and Lemieux Toyota. The requirements you must meet to be an auto mechanic are, you must be able to lift heavy parts. You don’t have to have any personal traits. You must have an associate’s degree and get ASE to be an auto mechanic.

Education and Training

It would be helpful if you took the auto mechanic class in high school if there is one available For auto mechanic you need to go to a technical college. NWTC offers a really good auto mechanic program. The length of this program is 2 years. Other ways of getting training to be an auto mechanic are to get an internship.

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Salary and Benefits

The average annually salary for an auto mechanic is $37,000 and depends on the level of skill. The benefits that are offered by dealerships are 401k programs and health insurance.

Employment Outlook

1. These jobs are available all over the country. Auto mechanic is one of the fastest growing industries right now. A company that is in need of this job right now is