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January 2016 Newsletter

From the Pastor's Desk

It is always a strange feeling when the Christmas decorations are taken down. The trees and the tinsel are gone, wreaths disappear from doors, candles are placed back in storage and we return to ordinary winter days looking forward to the hint of spring. I have heard someone call this time the winter blahs and was not surprised to read in Psychology Today that studies have found that people’s moods dip during January. These studies suggest it is because of a lack of light. Morton Harmatz, Ph.D., professor of psychology at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, states that “Light seems to function as a natural antidepressant, though scientists aren't exactly sure how.”

Christmas is often called the season of lights, for obvious reasons, but now that this season is over how do we keep the spirit of joy and celebration alive in our hearts when we are faced with the miserable, mid-winter, melancholy blues? After all, as a new year begins so do new responsibilities. This is often one of the busiest times of the year in the secular world as new visions for the future are put into place. After the holiday season, often all we want to do is take a little time and rest.

Yet, we cannot forget about Epiphany, or the celebration of God’s manifestation to the world. In the stories of the Wise Men, Jesus’ Baptism, the calling of the Disciples, and the Transfiguration we study the life and ministry of Jesus on earth hearing again of the light and life Christ provides to all people. We must realize that just as Jesus grew and developed over these years our faith must change and increase in the season ahead. We cannot remain static for without growth we become dry, brittle, and lifeless with no spiritual fruit to nourish others or ourselves.

Through the model of Jesus’ life, we can see that these spiritual changes are necessary and should celebrate the exciting possibilities that we find as we worship our Lord and Savior. We must let the light of Christ shine in our hearts so we can chase away the winter blahs and make this a time of spiritual growth and renewal.

Remember, God’s will for us is good, we must do the rest!


Rev. Scott Murphy

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The ROCK news

The ROCK meets on Sundays from 11:45-1:30pm. If you are in 7th - 12th grade plan to join us and invite a friend! On Sundays lunch is provided for the students. If you are able to help provide lunch for them or to donate items or money to stock the cabinets & freezer please contact Crystal Miller. Her email is Your help with this ministry is appreciated!

Also, mark your calendar for January 24th! This will be children and youth Sunday. Caleb Pettit will be speaking and our children and youth will be leading the worship service. Everyone is invited to come to worship and support our children and youth!

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Men's Breakfast

Come join us for the Men's Breakfast and devotions at the Clarion Hotel Restaurant on January the 9th at 7:30 A.M. Dean Back will be leading us this month.

Flatrock Association of American Baptist Men

The Flatrock Association of American Baptist Men will meet at Mt Gilead on January 12 for a great meal of grilled pork chops and all of the trimmings. There will be more information on the program available later on. We will leave the Church at 5:15. All men are invited.

Outreach Event

Sunday, Jan. 31st, 6pm

2320 7th Street

Columbus, IN

We will be showing War Room on Jan. 31st here at the church. We will be inviting our neighborhood and will have invites available for you to give to your family and friends. This is an opportunity to share the love of Christ to those who may not otherwise come to church. We will have more details coming soon! Watch below the movie trailer to learn more about "War Room".
War Room - Official Trailer

Flat Screen TV

We have Comcast TV capabilities in the fellowship hall. If you would like to donate money for a 70 inch flat screen TV, please mark your donation "flat screen" and give it to Marcia Trinkle or Pastor Scott. This can be used for Super Bowl parties along with a wide range of community outreach and service project ideas. However, we ask that this be above and beyond your giving to the church.

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Wednesday Night Live Resumes January 13th!

Wednesday Night Live

Adult Class Options:

Young Adult Small Group – led by Travis Miller------Class will be a topical discussion, interactive experiences, time for fellowship and friendship. Class is geared for Married, Single & Divorced adult's in their 20's - 40's.

Adult Class - This adult class will begin a in-depth study on the Book of Matthew.

Children’s Ministry:

Invites children and the adults to experience the wonder and mystery of God through a unique storytelling format and multi-sensory materials ---- Volunteers are still needed!

Youth Ministry:

Student led weekly with adult supervision ---- Volunteers are still needed!

Nursery (JAM – Jesus and Me) will be available thru age 3 with a newly designed curriculum


SUGGESTED PRICING - $5 per adult and $3 per child

MAX $20 per family --- Payment on honor system – basket on table --- still come even if you can’t pay!

One family per week will prepare the meal; sign-up sheet in Welcome Center each Sunday prior with the nightly menu. We need volunteers to sign-up to prepare meals for Wednesday nights – Sign-up in the Welcome Center
Our program will follow the BCSC calendar. When school is not in session there will be
NO Wednesday evening services.

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Ladies Craft and Hobby Day

Saturday, Jan. 23rd, 9am-4pm

2320 7th Street

Columbus, IN

You're invited to join us on 1/23/16 from 9am-4pm for a time of fun & fellowship as we enjoy our hobbies. (Examples: scrapbooking, quilting, knitting, painting...) Don't forget to bring your supplies that you will need! You can bring your own lunch or we can all pitch in money for pizza. Please bring a drink & snack to share. Feel free to invite a friend!!! Please see Crystal Miller or Amanda Watkins if you have any questions.
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Prayer Concerns


Jean (breast and brain cancer) from Tammy Hollen

Ruth Burton (terminal cancer) Fay Fawbush’s sister

Richard Poole

Mary Hughes (pancreatic cancer) friend of Darlene Carmichael

Josh Speidel (now home)

Karen Bray (colon cancer - stage 3 - chemo) from Jim & Becki Miller

Pat Tackett (breast cancer) from Clara Jackman

Rachael Watkins (throat cancer) from Clara Jackman

Norris Krall (broke hip) Ryan Martin’s Grandpa

Betty Graves (chronic back pain)

Charlie McCleary

Jim Miller’s Cousin

Betty Graves’ great granddaughter

Dorothy Green

Jim Hook ( tests on liver) Brother of Clara Jackman

Jeff Fawbush (knee surgery) Fay’s son

Cameron Fathauer (brain injury/ home now)

Serving in the Military

Ben Haymaker

Brian Hempstead, Jr.

Darrel Martin

Trevor Wylie

Crystal Hempstead

Jake Haymaker

Shut-Ins and Assisted Living

Don Denny

Silver Oaks

2011 Chapa Dr., #112

Columbus, IN. 47203

Letty Caldwell

Miller’s Merry Manor

7440 N. 825 E.

Hope, IN. 47246

Clete Smith

Hickory Creek Columbus

5480 - 25th St.

Columbus, IN. 47203

Mr. & Mrs. John Rich

2125 Home Ave.,

Columbus, IN. 47201

Ella Newland

2301 Fairington Ct. #208

Columbus, IN. 47203

Alice Truax

Kindred Health Care

2100 Midway

Columbus, IN. 47201

Katie Garvey

Parkside Retirement

3660 N. Central

Columbus IN. 47203

Celebrating Birthdays and Anniversaries

General Fund


Memorial’s 2015 Ministry Budget $204,664.60

Avg. Wkly Giving Needed to meet Budget $3,935.86

Current Avg. Wkly Giving $3,994.05

Current Wkly Shortage -$58.19

Current YTD Shortage (52wk) $3,025.88

December Statistics

December 6

Attendance 123

Offering $7,523.12

December 13

Attendance 126

Offering $6031.25

December 20

Attendance 138

Offering $7,269.00

December 27

Attendance 104

Offering $2,806.40

Special Services

December 16 Wednesday Evening Play

Attendance 107

December 20 Sunday Evening Play

Attendance 131

December 24 Christmas Eve Service

Attendance 132

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Sunday Morning

Worship Service 9:30 am

Sunday School 10:45 am

After Sunday School

Youth Group 11:45 - 1:30 pm

Usher Schedule

January Ushers

Jan. 3: Bob Hollen, Regan Medaris, Lexia Wilcox, and Taylor Hollen

Jan 10: Gene Moore, Caleb Pettit, Aerial Pettit, and Ellen Pettit

Jan 17: Steve Huffman, Parker Newsom, Tyler Sharpe, and Sarah McCleary

Jan 24: Steve Pool, Lexia Wilcox, Bill Witkemper, and Regan Medaris

Jan 31: Parker Newsom, Ellen pettit, Aerial Pettit, and Caleb Pettit

Need more information?

Click on the link below for our calendar or check out our website by clicking here.