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February Reading Professional Development

During our February PD we will work as a team to address concerns about student progress and determine strategies for our struggling readers. We'll be discussing and analyzing data, setting goals and planning activities to use.

Please bring the following items:

  • The Next Step in Guided Reading
  • The Reading Strategies Book
  • Data for one (or more) student that is not progressing as quickly as you would like- reading log, running records, written responses to reading, anecdotal notes, interest inventories, current SEI's, and any other data you think will help us learn more about the child. The more pieces of data the better.
*At some point before your half day I'll be coming to your room to help you gather data by completing an SEI. If you already know which student(s) you'd like to focus on please email me the name(s) so I know specifically who to observe.


Tuesday, Febrary 16- K3, K4 and K5

Thursday, February 18- 1st Grade

Friday, February 19- 2nd Grade

Monday, February 22- 3rd Grade

Tuesday, February 23- 5th Grade

Monday, February 29- 4th Grade

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World Read Aloud Day

Wednesday, Feb. 24th, 8:15am

420 Hunt Road

Easley, SC

World Read Aloud Day is coming soon and we'll be doing a "teacher swap". Reading aloud to students is something we all value and make time for each day. On February 24th we'll add a fun twist by having teachers swap rooms and share a read aloud with a new class. This will also be a great way for our students to see that from pre-K to 5th grade we are a community of readers that value the power of books. I'll place a sheet with more information in your box.

Looking for ideas on...

  • keeping students engaged in independent reading?
  • focusing and differentiating guided reading?
  • how to prepare students for SC Ready?

I'd love to set up a time to plan together!