Laulima Orientation on Youtube?

We've gone from on-campus workshops to Youtube!

A Short Survey

How are your online classes going? Are you comfortable and confident about using Laulima for your online courses? We welcome your feedback. Please let us know if the video was helpful and how we can improve it.
Laulima Video Orientation
Video Contents:
00:00 - 04:10 Laulima introduction, getting started, logging in
04:10 - 06:10 Laulima tour, finding your course site
06:10 - 18:45 Course site tour, Laulima course tools
18:45 - 21:16 Mixed Content Security Blocker (video and other active content not showing)

21:17 - 24:40 Copy/Pasting from Word

24:41 - 27:05 Setting up your picture (avatar) in Discussion and Private Messages
27:15 - 29:00 Getting help