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Thank you for visiting AllWear Clothing. We are a new clothing company that is revolutionizing the future of clothing. Our clothing is made of our very own special blend of nylon and cotton called FlexWear that allows the clothing to be flexible but comfortable. With the help of super micro chips, you get to change the color and the length of your clothing to fit what you want to wear at anytime. Just download the free AllWear app on your phone and you can get started on making your own designs and uniforms whenever you want them. Here is a sample video for people who don't quite know how AllWear works.
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Release of AllWear bottoms

June 5, 2065

Today we are proud to announce that the AllWear bottoms will be released June 12. They will able to be bought at multiple clothing stores around the world at a price of $650 U.S. currency. If you buy the AllWear bottoms along with an Allwear top from June 12-19, It will only cost you $1000 U.S. currency (Combined retailed price $1250 U.S. currency).

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Just a few possible designs.

AllWear top V2

June 30, 2065

Getting sick of your having to go onto your phone every time you want to change your top. Well you won't have to do that anymore with the new AllWear top V2. The AllWear top V2 features the same great features as the original AllWear top but it now features the ability to be able to change the color and your outfit with the all new voice command. Now you don't have to go onto the AllWear app every time you want to change your outfit. All you have to do is say your password and remember the name of your outfit on the AllWear app and tell it to your top for it to change to that outfit. The AllWear top V2 will be available in store of Fall, 2066.

Tech3 AllWear booth

Friday, Aug. 21st 2065 at 8am to Monday, Aug. 24th 2065 at 8pm

Cologne, Germany

Cologne, NRW

Come join us at Tech3 from August 21- August 24 from 8:00 am to 8 pm. Come and see our booth that will be showcasing the first look of the AllWear top V2 and other upcoming clothing options. We will be having a survey on which part of clothing you would like to see us make next. The top 2 options will be made. Also, please give us feedback on how you enjoy your AllWear gear and what you would like to see us put into the gear. Hope to see you there!

Next AllWear gear selections

August 29, 2065

Congratulations to the people who chose that they wanted to see the next AllWear gear to be AllWear socks and AllWear sweatshirts. They are the two winners from the survey we had at Tech3 and on our website. We don't know the exact release date about these products but he have already thought of ideas on how to make them.