Third Grade Buzzzz...

Happenings in Mrs. Paluch's Class!

May 9, 2016

Little White School House Field Trip Monday!!

Dress appropriately, wear comfortable shoes and bring a lunch from home.

Field Day is Thursday!

Kids should wear their grade-level t-shirt or green!

Curriculum Information

ELA- (English/Language Arts)

Unit 3 Module B

Reading Essential Question: How do readers use text structures and features to better comprehend texts?

Writing Essential Question: How do writers introduce and develop a topic with facts, details, and linking words?

Focus This Week:

  • We will read the book, Living Through a Natural Disaster and learn about 3 different natural disasters that have happened on Earth and how they affect people.
  • Read scientific relationships and how and why things occur in nature. Look at the scientific causes of natural disasters.
  • Compare and contrast Weather and Living Through a Natural Disaster and see how the text features contribute to the meaning of the texts.

Foundational Skills:

  • Vowel Patterns- a, au, aw, al, augh, ough


  • We will write a news report about one of the natural disasters that we read about. As a class we will take notes from both stories. Kids will then create their own engaging news report that explains how weather affects people.


  • Simple verb tenses


Lessons this week:

  • Shared Attributes of Quadrilaterals
  • Problem Solving: Guess, Check, and Revise
  • Partition Shapes
  • We will take the test on Chapter 14 on Friday

Homework This Week

Monday 5/9- 14.5

Tuesday 5/10- 14.6

Wednesday 5/11- 14.7

Thursday 5/12 None

Below is a link to a good website with a lot of math games! We are currently working on geometry, but they should continue to work on multiplication/division and fractions too!


Science Test on Magnets this Thursday!

A review sheet/study guide will come home on Monday.

Social Studies

Geography and Regions

  • We didn't get much done on regions last week so we will continue learning about the Midwest this week!

Important Dates

  • May 9- Field Trip- Little White Schoolhouse

  • May 9-11- Book Fair

  • May 10-12 Salsa Verde Nights

  • May 11- Family Walk 6:00 Playground

  • May 12- Field Day

  • May 20- Last Day of School 12:45 Dismissal