Resist the Temptation!

Don't grow GMOs! (Genetically Modified Food)

Genetically Modified Food?

Genetically Modified food are plants and animals with a genetic makeup that have been altered manually through human choice.

Unlike natural evolution, there is no given time for the change to take place and for the environment to adjust appropriately.

What is the REAL Intention?

The main goal of Genetically Modified Food is to increase crop yield and profit: even the advocates will admit it to you.

Those who support GMOs have used research and biotechnology to increase the crop yield and profit they need, while putting aside the social, economic, and environmental needs of the rest of the world!

What Is In Your Food?

In many cases, Genetically Modified Food contain genes of a completely unrelated species. For example, a chicken gene may be placed into a plant.

At a first glance, this may seem like no big deal at all. But this is a big problem for adults and children alike who have allergies to certain foods, A single allergy to a traditional, naturally bred crop, such as broccoli, could turn into a problem seen in many other foods the person tries to consume.

And you are never sure of what is in the Genetically Modified Food.

Many of these firms have been accused of developing these GMOs without enough consent and debate. These production companies do not even have to follow FDA regulations. In fact, some GM foods are not labeled, so today consumers are not given a choice on whether or not these foods should be welcomed into their pantry.

Hurting the Poor?

Advocates of Genetically Modified Plants state that they help the poor, even going as far as stating that it is the "only hope" of less developed countries.

This is wrong.

In reality, methods needed to cultivated these biotechnological high end plants are not natural at all, and require high cost and maintenance that most hardworking farmers in less developed countries cannot afford.

On the other hand, large companies will be able to increase crop yield, thus widening the gap between the world's rich and the world's poor.