Tanzania officially the United Republic of Tanzania is a country in East Africa. It is bordered by Kenya and Uganda to the north; Rwanda, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of Congo to the west; and Zambia, Malawi, and Mozambique to the south. The country's eastern border is formed by the Indian Ocean. Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest mountain, is in northeastern Tanzania.


The music of Tanzania includes traditional African music, string-based taarab, and a distinctive hip hop known as bongo flava. Famous taarab singers are Abbasi Mzee, Culture Musical Club, Shakila of Black Star Musical Group. Internationally known traditional artists are Bi Kidude, Hukwe Zawose and Tatu Nane.


Tanzanian cuisine is both unique and widely varied. Along the coastal regions spicy foods are common.

Regions in Tanzania's mainland also have their own unique foods.

Some of the types are :-

Grilled meat
Kashata (made from coconut meat and groundnuts)

mshikaki (marinated beef)
maandazi (bread rolls)


Tanzania has its own distinct African rumba music, termed muziki wa dansi ("dance music") where names of artists/groups like Tabora Jazz, Western Jazz Band, Morogoro Jazz, Volcano Jazz, Simba Wanyika, Remmy Ongala, Marijani Rajabu, Ndala Kasheba,NUTA JAZZ, ATOMIC JAZZ, DDC Mlimani Park, Afro 70 & Patrick Balisidya,Sunburst, Tatu Nane and Orchestra Makassy must be mentioned in the history of Tanzanian music.


» Jahazi Literary & Jazz Festival
» Kizimkazi Cultural Music Festival
» Sauti za Busara Festival
» Mwaka Kogwa
» Ngalawa Race
» ZIFF Festival of the Dhow Countries


India and Tanzania are both located near Indian ocean.Both the countries mostly have the same climate.Some of Tanzania's festivals,foods,music are same of India's.