A PROUD Picture

Things happening around ERES September 22-26, 2014

Your principal pauses...

THANK YOU for being you!! These last couple of weeks have been very difficult for me, but all of you have continued doing your exceptional job, and I am so proud!! I've not been worried about anything and this is a blessing. I'm ready to feel better and get this over with, but it takes time. I'm sorry that I have not been able to do for you what you need, but I promise it will happen soon. Thank you for understanding!!!

I also can't thank you enough for the cards, gift cards, food, flowers, calls, and encouraging text messages I've received from so many of you. Again you touched my heart and made me feel special. THANK YOU!

I understand I upset some of you with sending out the itemized print list. That was not my intent at all. It was just a point of information/reference for you as you help us with our printing budget. It definitely was not a "gotcha"! I don't do that!!!! I will be sending out September's list too so that will give us more information. I WILL NEVER STOP YOU FROM MAKING BAGGIE BOOKS - NO MATTER HOW MUCH IT COSTS!!! I ask that you have a process which helps keep them in good shape, so you can use them several times. For your information... Melissa's count was so high because she copied all of our PBIS stuff! That was a HUGE task so THANKS, Melissa, for doing it for us!!! Elaine did all of the TPRI/AIMSweb things for the school, so we need to tell her THANKS too! Couldn't do it without these two's generosity of their time.

If you've read this far in my newsletter and watched the TED talk, come see me for a jean's pass. You will need to write down how you could use what you saw to help you teach problem-solving better during math.

THANK YOU for having the parent conferences. This makes such a great impression on your parents and helps set you up for an outstanding year together.

Have a wonderful week! Be positive in everything and give grace to all!

REMINDERS for being PROUD...

Students come first...right behind you and your family!

Communication and information are powerful!

Wear your lanyard with Eagle Bucks!! I'm talking to me too!! :-)

Are you exemplifying P.R.O.U.D. with everyone?

Wear your name tag - new ones are coming for some of you!

Are you working or walking in by 7:30?

Happy SEPTEMBER Birthday!!

13 - Hillary and Tannesia, 19 - Liz, 25 - Regina, 26 - Angie, 29 - Trish

Here's what's happening around here...

22 - 31- PTA fundraiser

22 - Anne out @ 10:30

22 - K and 1st report card meeting @ 3:20

23 - Grade-level meetings with administrators (BRING LAPTOPS!)

24 - Anne out @ 2:00

23 pm-25 - Brett out

25 - Brandy Garcia, literacy coach, with each team during planning time

25 - Leadership Council @ 3:20