Stress is Bad

The works of Stress Management

There are thousands of examples of stress in teens, here are 6 of them

  • 1. Parents: Parents may push the teenagers into doing more work at the house that stresses them out
  • 2. School: Homework, teachers, assignments and presentations can all stress a teenager
  • 3. Pets: Pets can bark or meow too much
  • 4. Loud noises: Loud noises such as things dropping, things getting slammed, gunshots, and cars can be stressful
  • 5. Lack of loneliness: Too many people can get to be stressful and a teenager might want to just be alone
  • 6. Lack of organization: A messy environment for a teenager is never good

4 Extra Facts

  • 1. Stress is bad
  • 2. Stress is not good for you or your family
  • 3. Stress can lead to suicide
  • 4. Stress can be handled in different ways

General Health

Always stay healthy, drink and eat even though you are overwhelmed with stress