Henry Dunant

By : Roberto Rodriguez

what he did ...

In 1859, a battle was happening at the town of Solferino in Northern Italy. Henry Dunant saw thousands of Italian, French and Austrian soldiers killing each other. So he organized a buisness. He came up with the RED CROSS.The establishment of the International Committee of the Red Cross was in the1863. The organization he had created grew, and the ideas won gradual acceptance.

Who he is ...

Jean Henry Dunant

Born: 8 May 1828, Geneva, Switzerland

Died: 30 October 1910, Heiden, Switzerland

Residence at the time of the award: Switzerland

Role: Originator Geneva Convention Founder of the International Committee of the Red Cross

The foundation of the Red Cross

  • February 3, 1863: With a view to studying the aid society project proposed in A memory of Solferino, the Geneva public welfare society , set up a commission that was to become the Permanent International Committee for Relief to the War Wounded.
  • On October 26, fourteen nations adopted ten of the suggested resolutions.
  • August 22, 1864: In the presence of twelve nations, the diplomatic Congress of Geneva, supported by France, drafted the Geneva Convention. Nineteen other countries were to sign on in the two following years.
  • 1867: Dunant resigned as Secretary and went into exile.
  • 1875: The Committee became the International Committee of the Red Cross.
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