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Transform Your Body -

Hosts - Tracy Payne-Barrett and Kary Odiatu


Kary retired from a comfortable teaching job at the young age of 29 in order to pursue her fitness dreams. She became the Canadian National Fitness Champion in 2001 and went on to enjoy a successful career in the IFBB Pro Fitness ranks.

Her fitness accomplishments include: an invitation to the Arnold Classic, and a top 3 placing in Budapest, Hungary which qualified her for the Fitness Olympia in 2003. She has graced the pages of Oxygen, Muscle and Fitness, M & F HERS, and even landed on the cover of Flex magazine!

Recently she was included in a list of the top photos in Flex magazine over the last decade. This is pretty impressive considering that Kary used to be overweight upon graduating from her Bachelor of Physical Education program and she had no competitive sport background outside of gym class!

Kary is a Professional Speaker, Certified Personal Trainer, Lifestyle Coach, and Registered Nutritional Counselor who is often invited to share her passion and enthusiasm on radio and TV. She has co-authored two books with her husband, Dr. Uche Odiatu (DMD). Their most recent book is: The Miracle of Health (Wiley, 2009) Kary and Uche are the co-founders of Fit Speakers International. Kary manages all this with 3 young children!

Kary will inspire you to GET PASSIONATE ABOUT YOUR HEALTH!

Transform Your Body - Transform Your Life

Friday, Jan. 24th, 7-9pm

Southwood Golf Course & Country Club, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

We can't escape exposure to harmful toxins that exist in the food we eat, water we drink or the air we breathe, but there is a solution!

Complete health stems from proper nutrition, cleansing and physical activity. By lowering stress, and supporting your nutritional needs, you will allow your body to function well for as long as biologically possible.

The presentation will:

• Identify the toxic substances in our environment, food, and body.

• Understand safe, healthy based nutritional cleansing methods to support the body's innate ability to detoxify at the cellular level.

• Review the latest published clinical study outlining the benefits of nutritional cleansing to reduce visceral fat.

• Discuss the positive side benefits of intermittent fasting: including freedom from cravings and a new found appreciation for the impact of our nutrition to our health.

Make a Wish Foundation

In memory of Jordan Odiatu who passed away before his wish could be granted, 50 % of event proceeds will be donated to the Make a Wish Foundation.