Monthly Faculty Advising FAQs

with important dates

Important upcoming dates

Good afternoon faculty advisors!

Please review the latest Faculty Advisor FAQs below. Also, the Spring course schedule will go live on Monday, October 17th. Therefore, I encourage you to start scheduling meetings with your advisees (attached) very soon. Lastly, Priority Online Registration starts on November 7, so there’s not much time to meet with your advisees. Your advisees will soon receive communication with their exact registration date.


How do I motivate my advisees to register? Why is registering during Priority Online Registration week important?

· Persistent and proactive communication can help motivate your advisees to register. Who doesn’t appreciate a gentle reminder every so often, right? It’s also important to express the value of registering during Priority Online Registration week. By registering early, students can take advantage of a more robust assortment of courses, choose class times that fit their busy schedules, and have a stress-free holiday break.

What should I do when advisees have serious issues I’m not equipped to handle?

· On occasion, students experience problems that go beyond the typical academic issues you are able to help solve. Please realize you – the faculty advisor – are neither trained nor expected to serve as a licensed counselor. There are support systems in place on this campus to help students, including a mental health practitioner. If you feel as though one of your advisees could benefit from working with our mental health practitioner, please submit a referral in MAP-Works to receive additional assistance from Student Services staff. MAP-Works is found under “Quick Links” in ROC.

What’s the emergency assistance fund?

· The Emergency Assistance Fund is a one-time grant provided to students who are experiencing an unforeseen situation that is causing a barrier in their quest for success in the classroom. Emergency assistance can provide temporary funding for transportation, housing, utilities, clothing, and other necessities. The maximum grant amount awarded per student is $500.00. This application is located on the Student Support and Outreach ROC page.