October 2013 Recognition

Bravo on an Outstanding October!

Congrats ladies on a fabulous first month of Q4! Loved seeing the new stylists on our team soar with success and the seasoned stylist ramp it up, experience the fruits of Rocktober and start prepping their Nov. and Dec. calendars to end the year with a bang!

New 'Stones & Promotions!

WELCOME to our newest team member, Mindy Richardson! So excited for you and your sponsor, newly promoted LEAD STYLIST, Wendy Harvey!

Blackstones in their Jump Start Show Us How To Get It Done!


Info pulled from October reports from my Generations 1-3.

All stylists listed QUALIFIED for the month

- sold $500 in retail

- earned 5% of their PCV in Free Business Supply Credits

- earned the first month of the Quarterly Consistency Bonus (will earn $100 in FPC for selling $500 in October, November, & December)

*Stylists who sold $2308+ in retail (1500PCV) earned 30% commission instead of 25% (5% end of month volume rebate)

1. Jenn Indra $7,331*

2. Cati Young $4,222*

3. Nicole Boone $3,392*

4. Marla Johnson $3,150*

5. Cherie Perez $1,773

6. Alison Rasmussen $1,697

7. Kristina Buer $1,611

8. Wendy Harvey $1,225

9. Mindy Richardson $1,171

10. Angela Castillo $1,171

11. Heather Walsh $684

Wrap Up The Season

I am sure your heads are spinning with all of the greatness that has been thrown our way from the Home Office. :) Added free product credit, incentive levels changing for the is the most up to date info and all you need to know to help you set your goals for the Wrap Up the rest of YOUR Season! It is SO very exciting that we can earn so much of the Spring Collection for free!

Bling for you Blackstones Babes!

As if the HO rewards weren't enough, here's another reward for your effort this month! Everyone who sells $2308 in November will get their name entered in for a statement piece of their choice! $2308 is what you sell to make your commission go from 25% up to 30% - what would you do with your $700+ in commission? Holiday gifts covered, pay off some bills, spa day, or a shopping spree for you! AND, by doing this, you'll also earn $350 in product credit to spend on the Spring Collection! So basically, you are winning all over the place by hitting this mark. 2 or 3 trunk shows, some outside orders, and BAM, you'll be there. Who's in on all this goodness??

Fun Facts about our Brilliant Team :)

Last October, we were a team of 20! We have doubled in size and are now 40 strong! YAHOOO!

We have hit Star Stylist Team Pay Rank for 13 months in a row! What does this mean? For the past 13 months, at least 4 of our first line team members have qualified (sold $500), I have sold a minimum of $2,308, we have sold at least $12,308 as an entire team, and we have consistently added stellar new stylists onto our team over the past year. Hitting "Heart of Leadership" for a Star team is a massive accomplishment - this is when a stylist and her team hit Star Stylist pay rank 4 months in a row. So for us to hit it 13 months in a row is a HUGE feat and I am so very proud of all that we have accomplished. KUDOS to all!!!

November is here for you!

Have a goal and want support with executing it? OR, don't have a plan but want one? Give me a ring or shoot me an email, I am here to help! 415.827.7303 /

Enjoy the month, ladies. It's going to be one of the BEST of the year.



**Check out our Blackstones Facebook Team Page! Head over to ask questions, share ideas that have worked for you, and celebrate accomplishments small and large! If you aren't already on the page, message me to add you on.