Meet & Greet

A Pre-Holiday Get Together

Tea at 1024 will be hosting Two Meet & Greets for the Merchants this November

Imagine the Arts District with no Arts at Mark's Garage, No First Fridays, No Street Festivals, No Community...that's what it was like 17 years ago when I opened my business.

There was Indigo without the Green Room & Opium Den (for those of you who remember how awesome Indigo was), there was Seth Goldstein's Art Gallery next to Peggy Hopper's Gallery (Seth is now in New York), lots of dilapidated buildings (where Missy's, Owens & CO. is now - that building collapsed on Pauahi Street one morning) of course there's Murphy's, Otooles, and Me. Just a handful of us that saw beyond the mire.

When I picked up my keys, the last tenant just left the old run-down Club Hubba Hubba with it's old fashion t-shaped cat walk and four layers of ceilings each one hiding years of disrepair. Hotel Street was just as sketchy as it was in the 70's when my girlfriends and I would cruise in our car on Friday night and peer out our window to see the action…and now look at the place.

Plaster is being blasted off revealing the original brick walls, buildings are being renovated and restored, trendy restaurants, boutiques, specialty shops and all have moved in. I have seen businesses come and go over the years, but the trend I see right now, there are some very solid businesses that here to stay.

Like the old days some things with business have not changed and that's figuring out how to make your business exciting for your customers and profitable for you. We are all busy making our dreams come true…but I hope you can spare an hour or two to stop by and share a cuppa tea before we get too busy with the Holidays…and if you ever wondered what a traditional Afternoon Tea is all about, come join us. It will be an opportunity to meet one another and to share your vision.

Please RSVP for one of the dates below ~ Tea at 1024 to Host.

Tea at 1024 ~ Pre-Holiday Get Together #1

Thursday, Nov. 20th, 2:30-4:30pm

1024 Nuuanu Ave

Honolulu, HI

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