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Dec. 2, 2022

Dear Parents,

This week, one of our 4th graders, Mason B., organized an arm wrestling tournament at Tuesday's lunch recess. 55 kids participated in our first contest. It was such a hit that we plan to do it each month. Way to bring great ideas to Ross, Mason!

Our finalists from each lunch recess will be competing against each other in a double elimination tournament on Tuesday at lunch recess. I'll make sure to post a video on YouTube and pictures on Facebook.

These are our finalists:

  • From Hunter/Johnson/Marshall recess: Alli V., Alex S., Gaige T., Henry, Seth S.
  • From Angle/Sweet/Partridge recess: Mackenzie, Brooklyn, Wyatt, Zander, and Mark
  • From Harding/Adams recess: Iris, Dan, Kase, Coleton K., and Owen

After seeing Mason's successful event, other students have been approaching me with all kinds of ideas to try, like a 3:3 basketball tournament when it gets warmer, art club at lunch recess, and rock-paper-scissors tournaments. Kids are really thinking about ways to make Ross even better through activities that connect students together. That's what our December value of Innovation is all about--using our awesome brains to come up with ways to make our world better.

5th grade students who are selected for CAST will be able to help plan and implement some of these student ideas. For more information on CAST and how 5th graders can apply, see the link below.

With love,

Principal Tripp

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Excusing Students from School

Parents, please remember to call the school in the morning at 208-922-1011 and let us know when your student will be absent. It helps us to know that they're OK when they're missing from school.
Ross Random Moments of Learning and Fun!

Trimester 1 Grades Will Be Live in 1 Week

Due to continued problems with our new student information system, Power School, trimester 1 report cards will be delayed one week. Report cards will be available to view in Power School on Friday, December 9. The Ross and Kuna School District teachers have worked tirelessly to learn this new system and have grades ready in time. There is an error on the Power School side that needs fixed before they are ready for families.

Upcoming Events at Ross

Thursday, Dec. 8

Ross/Indian Creek Domino's Pizza Dough Night

Order pizza and mention Ross or Indian Creek and we get a cut of the profits from Domino's.

Friday, Dec. 9

Popcorn Friday

Cost is $0.25 a bag; limit of 2 bags per student. This will be a special month...we'll be included a Christmas candy mix-in to each bag of popcorn.

Thursday, Dec. 15

Dorian Picture Retake Day

Tuesday, Dec. 20

Classroom Christmas Parties

Details will be communicated by your classroom teacher

Wednesday, Dec. 21-Jan. 4

Christmas Break and Teacher PD Day

Students start back on Thursday, Jan. 5. Plans for our Jan. 4 Teacher Professional Development Day will be posted on our website as the time gets closer in case you're interested in what we're doing that day.

Who are we at Ross?

Each day at Ross we will:

Engage. Empower. Educate.

Our dream is to:

Ignite a passion for lifelong learning and personal growth so students will be successful in college, career, and life.

Our school values are:

We treat others with dignity and respect. We are ethical and humble in our actions. We are COMPASSIONATE.

We hold tight to our convictions. Decisions are made to make the lives of others better. We are LEADERS.

We are stronger and better when we work together. We are a part of a beautiful and diverse COMMUNITY.

We are bold, we take risks, we are flexible and willing to step out of our comfort zone. We are INNOVATIVE.