Genetically Modified Soybeans

By: Sareena Somal


Soybeans are the most important crops worldwide. The first Genetically modified soybeans were planted in 1996.Couple years later, Genetically modified soybeans were planted in nine other countries covering more than 60 million hectares.Genetically modified soybean is a soybean that has had DNA introduced into it using genetic engineering techniques.

Purpose of Genetically modified soybeans

It was developed to make the plant survive by being sprayed on with the non-selective herbicide, Roundup, which can kill soybean plants. Also because it can contain more nutrients, resist insects or diseases, or require less water so it grows in drought-stricken areas.


-The Genetically modified soybeans can grow for a longer time, which will make them more profitable.

-It is a great source of nutrition and protein. It is also used in feed for livestock animals.

-These soybeans have the ability to generate useful vaccines and medicines that could treat human diseases.

- They could be included into diet to reduce illness or some diseases.


-Genetically modified soybeans have unpredictable side affects which cannot be detected easily. It contains chemicals which can be harmful to the human body.

- They can also cause toxemia and liver damage that is due to over consumption of the genetically modified soybeans.

- Could create new set of allergic reactions. Especially to those who are very sensitive.

-Most farmers can use the chemically weed killers to destroy other plants. But genetically modified soybeans will leave the chemicals on the ground. This will damage the natural predators like bugs and their homes.

Genetically Modified Soy and Cancer

My Opinion

I believe that the disadvantages of the GM soybeans outweigh the advantages. I strongly believe that it is wrong to be modifying soybeans because there are many risks. It could harm many people. For example it could cause liver damage, cancer and it could harm humans in many ways. The long term affect is cancer, if an infant or even teenagers are taking this in it is very harmful and it could also be stressful to find out that the cause of liver damage or cancer was because one has eaten soybeans or something containing soybeans. I believe that it is better not to modify soybeans because it is putting human lives at risk and it is better to be safe than sorry.

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