Nixa Early Childhood

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Vision of Nixa Early Childhood

The vision of Nixa Early Childhood is to nurture the whole child as creative, confident, life-long learners with 21st-century skills who explore their world through active discovery. The school communities will collaborate to provide differentiated instruction and learning in safe, social, supportive, and engaging environments.

Meet the Principal

Dr. Lara Wilbur is the principal of the Nixa Early Childhood programs. Dr. Wilbur has been in the field of education since 2008. In the fall of 2014, she became the principal of Nixa Early Childhood. Dr. Wilbur is passionate about providing quality early childhood education to students in the Nixa community. You can reach Dr. Wilbur at

Below is a letter from Dr. Wilbur regarding the curriculum used within the Early Childhood Program.

Nixa Early Childhood Program

Nixa Early Childhood: 2 buildings 1 program

The Early Childhood Program is housed in two different buildings, located on one campus. The original preschool is the Peggy L. Taylor Early Learning Center. We call it the ELC. In 2014 the program expanded, and the Early Childhood Center was built. We call it the ECC.

Peggy L. Taylor Early Learning Center (ELC)

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The ELC houses our tuition-based preschool and the Title I program. Title classes are smaller and provide educational intervention to those students who qualify based on their DIAL scores. During DIAL testing, students that may have indicators that they need a little extra help in multiple areas. Due to federal funding, Title classes are offered free to families who qualify. All classes work towards the same grade card expectations

New to the ELC is a free tuition option for families who meet specific income guidelines. Qualifying students are placed in our tuition-based classrooms, but parents do not pay the tuition. Spaces are limited and are filled on a first come first serve basis. The income guidelines are based on Missouri's Free and Reduced lunch program. To see if your child would be eligible, see the document below.

If you believe you would qualify and would like the opportunity to be placed tuition-free, please let us know during the enrollment process, and view the income guidelines here.

ELC Class Days and Times

The class day/times for the 2022-2023.

Parents are required to provide transportation. For families needing wrap-around daycare, see the information regarding Eagle Care at the bottom of the page.

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Sample Daily Schedule

Click below for a sample daily schedule. Students attending part-time will follow a similar schedule. Specialty activities such as motor lab / activities room will only occur 1x per week.

Meet the ELC Staff

Click here to read information regarding the ELC teaching staff.

Meet the Early Childhood Office Manager

Click here to see information regarding the Early Childhood Office Manager, Brittany Neely. You can contact BrittanyNeely at

Meet the Early Childhood Nurse

Click here to see information regarding the Early Childhood nurse. Nurse Lindsay is the nurse for both the ELC and the ECC. You can contact Nurse Teresa at

Early Childhood Center (ECC)

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The ECC is home to the Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE). The ECSE program provides an individual learning experience for those students with special needs. Students have access to therapies such as speech and language, occupational, physical, and vision therapy. A full evaluation (different than the DIAL) by the Early Childhood Special Education team is required before placement.

Another program at the ECC is the Role Model program. The Role Model Program provides typically developing children an opportunity to interact with same-age peers who are receiving specialized instruction in a developmentally appropriate preschool classroom. Peer model students serve as role models and provide positive peer-interactions; demonstrate play skills, and model appropriate language and behavior. Eligibility is determined through the screening process and is based upon individual classroom needs and not on a first-come, first-serve basis. The Role Model program is offered free to families.

ECC Class Days and Times

ECC classes are 4 days a week. Classes are Tuesday thru Friday and 3-year-olds are in the morning and 4-year-olds are in the afternoon.

Role Model parents are required to provide transportation. For families needing wrap-around daycare, see the information regarding Eagle Care at the bottom of the page.

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Sample of schedule of a day ECC

Click below for a sample daily schedule. Students receiving therapy based on the guidelines stated in their IEP will receive services on an individual schedule.

Meet the ECC Staff

Click here to meet the ECC teachers.

Click here to meet the therapists.


More information to come regarding an open house event in early spring 2022 for interested families.

Parents As Teachers

Parents As Teachers (PAT) is the third program housed at ECC. PAT is a free program which offers parent education for families who are expecting a child or have children under the age of 5. Children are born to learn. Parents as teachers can assist parents in being the best first teachers for their children. Parents as Teachers is currently enrolling new families. For more information, please call 417-724-6365

For more information regarding Parents as Teachers, click here.

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Eagle Care: Wrap Around Daycare For Nixa Early Childhood Preschool Students

Eagle Care is the name of the wrap-around daycare program run by XLT, housed in the ELC, specifically for the students who attend either ELC or ECC.

Eagle Care is open 6:30 am - 6:00 pm. If a student is enrolled in Eagle Care, parents can drop their child off anytime after 6:30 am. When it is time for your child's preschool class to start, a preschool staff member will pick your child up from their Eagle Care Classroom. When preschool is over, the staff will bring your child back to their Eagle Care classroom.

Eagle Care is a separate program from Nixa Early Childhood. The XLT program is responsible for all Eagle Care placements and the program billing is also done separately through the XLT office. For more information about XLT click here:

How Do I Sign Up For Eagle Care?

When you receive placement in a preschool class, with the intention of enrollment in the Nixa Early Childhood program, you will be asked if you have an interest in the wrap-around, Eagle Care program. When accepting placement, if you mark you are interested in Eagle Care, then our staff will give your information to Eagle Care so they know your child has received placement in our program.

Then, Eagle Care will contact you via email ( concerning enrollment, based on your interest when being placed in a preschool class.

Please be aware that placement in the Nixa Early Childhood preschool does not guarantee you placement in the XLT's Eagle Care program. For questions and additional information please call the main XLT office at: 724-6337 or email

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