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Health care careers for South Central and Southwest MN

Many times when we think of health care careers, we think about doctors and nursing however there a variety of career opportunities at every education level. To learn more about the careers in healthcare, check out our health care infographics and Health Science | CAREERwise Education ( on the CareerWise website.

Interesting Healthcare Facts:

  • Healthcare & Social Assistance sector is project to gain 2,354 jobs over the next decade, which is a a 7.7% increase.

  • Home Health Care Services is expected to grow by 590 jobs.

  • 82% of the jobs in Health care & Social Assistance jobs are held by women. However the number of Healthcare & Social Assistant jobs held by men have increase by 3.7% over the past 17 years.

Click below to download copies of the Health care infographics.

Health care Infographics

Take a look at what's it's really like to be a nurse in the video below!

Mayo Health System: Free Virtual Career Tours

Career Exploration - Virtual Career Tours - Video Publishing Portal - Mayo Clinic introduce students to Mayo Clinic professionals in their work environment without leaving the classroom or home. Each Virtual Career Tour video is about 25-minutes in length. Find out what a typical day is like, see advanced technology in action and learn what it takes to become a health care professional!

Available Virtual Career Tours

  • Emergency Medicine Paramedic (EMP)
  • Histology Technician
  • Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
  • Nuclear Medicine Technologist
  • Phlebotomy Technician
  • Physical Therapist/Occupational Therapist (PT/OT)
  • Radiological Technologist
  • Surgical First Assistant (SFA)
  • More to come!!

To find out more about career exploration at Mayo email

January is Healthcare Month in Minnesota!

For more information and upcoming events go to:

Amazing labor force facts about health care in Minnesota:

Health care employs 478,485 people in Minnesota, the largest workforce by sector in the state, accounting for $25.7 billion in wages in 2019. There are more than 11,000 health care employers in Minnesota. The key role of the health care industry in Minnesota’s economy has been highlighted in the COVID-19 pandemic, during which dedicated health care workers saved thousands of lives. Many health care occupations are in critically high demand now – and employers need help finding applicants.

Health care in Minnesota pays an average annual wage of $53,659, which is 4% higher than the nation’s average wage of $51,792 for the same sector. Wages go up with additional training, certification and experience. Many employers provide free or low-cost training for dedicated employees. There is projected long-term demand, as well as high current demand for health care workers. Three of the top 10 Jobs in Demand now in Minnesota based on current job postings are health care jobs.

Opportunities for students!

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Nontraditional Careers for Men in the Health Care

Take it from Jeremy, men can be nurses
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HealthForce Minnesota

Check out HealthForce Minnesota's website to explore career information and opportunities to learn more about health care careers.

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SCRUBS Camp 2022

Interested in hands on experiences in healthcare?

Scrubs Camp is an opportunity for high school students to explore health science professions through engaging hands on activities. Health Science careers that might be featured include alternative health, dentistry, EMT, medical lab, nursing, nutrition/wellness, pharmacology, physical therapy, psychology, surgery, regenerative medicine and more.

Save the date: June 14th, 15th, and 16th. More information will be sent to your school this spring regarding Scrubs Camp 2022.

Allied Health Care & Nursing Programs at South Central College

Allied Health and Nursing at South Central College

Using Volunteer Opportunities to build your resume!

Volunteer opportunities can be a great way for students to build a resume. Check out these tips on how to include volunteer experiences in your resume and make sure to look at the full article for more great tips on writing a resume with volunteer experience: How To Write a Volunteer Resume (With Sample and Tips) |

1. Include examples of volunteer work in your experience section

2. Connect your volunteer experiences with your skills

3. Create a separate section for unrelated volunteer experiences

There are some great ways that you can use specific volunteer experiences in Healthcare to strengthen your skills. Click the button below to read about how to link those particular volunteer experiences to your strengths!

South Central Workforce Council

Develop and Maintain a Quality Workforce for South Central Minnesota

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