The Importance to Vote!

Susan B. Anthony

Opening Argument

Women didn't always have a right to vote. There was a movement to help women's suffrage. Susan B. Anthony was the most important woman in this movement.
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1st-3rd Reason

Susan B. Anthony believed in herself and knew she could change the women's suffrage law. She made women realize they should have a say. She didn't stop where she was, she traveled around country to inspire.
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Alice Paul influenced others to refuse to eat, which is unhealthy for your body. They could die decreasing support for women's suffrage. Without the support all of the work towards women's suffrage, would be lost. Susan didn't do anything to hurt anyone, but still took action. She casted her ballet without permission, which doesn't damage anyone's body. As Susan B. Anthony said, "Men, their rights, and nothing more; women, their rights, and nothing less"(Susan B. Anthony).