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Opinion or creative design must be based on knowledge acquired in class and can further knowledge, personal experience hse results and values include. Task Processing time for the written examinations in performance and basic course specialist are the processing times listed in Annex b. They consist of a translation and interpretation task. Translation task Is Latin or Ancient Greek specialist, so the candidate must translate an original Latin text to the extent of about to words or a Greek original in the amount of about to words.
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Interpretation task When designing the interpretation task, see those mentioned in point of the AV request areas into account, with an emphasis on the request area reorganization and analysis. The assignment to be hse results fulfilled by the test specimen partial services to the areas of requirements will be described in the form of word-like formation in the horizon of expectation which establishes in addition to the services to be provided for the marks good and sufficient and the respective itil online exam results weighting of the sub tasks.
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The proofreading task considered hse results the following: a knowledge of Latin or ancient Greek language (vocabulary, morphology, syntax), ability to voice and text reflection (paraphrasing of words, terms and phrases; acquiring formal structures; reading comprehension), c) ability to use a dictionary and open up word meanings and d) competence in the German language. Both the lifting out particularly successful solutions and a determination of the itil online exam results violations is essential to determine the text understanding. Criteria for the weighting of the violations.
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Is Latin or Ancient Greek basic course specialist, so the candidate must translate an original Latin text of about to words or a hse results Greek original of about to words. The degree of. The grade sufficient (points) may only be granted if the submitted text is not understood in its total sense. There can no longer be considered as a rule, if the translation has on every hundred words of Latin or ancient Greek text in the sum of more than ten (whole) errors.

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Procedural rules The substantive and formal requirements for the Central High School in the subjects Latin or Ancient Greek, including the hse results magnitude of the task set and the nature of the competition on the exam given by the school board for each start of the qualifying phase known by administrative regulation. Evaluation. Translation task based on the review is primarily the detected by the translation text comprehension.