transportation & comunication

Much easier huh?


The train made it easier to transport goods before the train they used boats on rivers. Boats took a lot longer for the goods to get where they needed to be. the train meant the end for canals. Trains are a rail transport consisting of a row of vehicles along a rail track.


The telegraph was invented in 1836 by Samuel Morse. The telegraph is a long-distance transmission of messages without the physical exchange of an object carrying the message. Telegraphy systems operated in Europe from as early as 1792 in the form of semaphore lines, or optical telegraphs. this led to further inventions including the telephone.

Automobiles and Assembly Line

In 1908 Henry Ford built the first running automobile known as The Model T. The Model T was the beginning of The Ford sensation. The Ford make is the most common vehicle on the road in America today. Mr. Ford is also the inventor known for the assembly line, the 40 hour work week, and minimum wage. He was the first to assemble his vehicles on the assembly line so the average American could afford to buy his product.

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