By: Emily and Reshma

Effects on the user

Short Term Effects: Increased Heart Rate, Anxiety, Increased Appetite, and Paranoia

Long Term Effects: Short Term Memory, Damage to the Respiratory System, Risk of Lung Infection, and Damage to Immune System

Reasons why the user claims to use Hash

The user continues to use Hash because they want to enhance their quality of life. They feel that they can recreate and socialize while using Hash. Using Hash is also known for a good feeling that relieves people from stress and causes them to forget responsibilities.

Effects on Hash of the User's Family

The Hash users family usually becomes influenced with using Hash, or the family tries really hard to help their loved ones not use hash anymore. Some family's also don't give their user any money and stop caring about them. Some family's even abandon their user.

Effects on Others Around the User

Hash doesn't really affect others around them. Unless Hash users are under the influence of Hash, then the Hash users can't think straight and could get in a car accident or do something bad under the influence

Money it Cost the User to Support Their Habit

  • Kief is about 15 to 25 dollars per gram
  • Bubble Hash is about 25 to 50 dollars per gram
  • Hash Oil is about 60 to 90 dollars per gram

The price depends on the quality of the drug

Costs to Society Associated with the Use of Hash

The costs to society may be deaths, vandalism, and people becoming addicted to the use of hash and other forms of delinquency.

History of Hash and Where It's Manufactured

Hash began in Malaysia, found by Albert Gisbert an english chartered accountant. They used to use Hash for promoting physical fitness, and to make all of the members feel young. Cannabis cultivation dates back at least 10,000 years in Taiwan

Risky Behaviors Associated with Hash

Some risky behaviors are binge drinking of alcohol, regularly smoking cigarettes, not wearing seat belts in cars, attacking others with weapons and other forms of delinquency.

Hash's Worth on the Street

The street value for "homegrown" in the dry times is $10/gram, and $5/gram in the peak of the season. "hydro" is about $15/gram and $10/gram, depending when it is. Bubble hash is worth for $25 a gram. There is also 12-15 dollar deals for some good hash.

Potential Profits for the Seller

Most Hash dealers make little or no profit from Hash. Some good Hash sellers make 20,000 dollars a year though. Most people who sell hash grow it at their own home.

What is happening to stop the manufacturing and sales of Hash

Police are doing traffic stop investigations to see if there are any illegal drugs like Hash in people's car's. Ted Lavelle and Kurt Perry were caught in a traffic investigation with 4 pounds of Hash oil in their car and 10,000 dollars in cash.