Flash Mobs

Patrick G. 8-113

Flash Mob Overview

A flash mob is an activity where a group of people simultaneously break out into an act or performance, than quickly disperse back into their routine as if nothing ever happened. They most commonly take place at a mall or department store where there are large crowds. They first started in New York in 2003 where Bill Wasik, senior editor of Harper's Magazine tried it out. His first try was unsuccessful due to the store tipping people off to gather. On June third, the flash mob was successfully completed in a Macy's Department. Although flash mobs can be entertaining and funny, there have also been criminal flash mobs, where private property was defaced, and items stolen. Want to learn even more? Click the hyperlink below.
Recycling a bottle, flashmob style! [HQ]

Recycling Flash Mob

Watch a recycling flash mob in Canada where one little bottle goes a long way.

Holiday Flash Mob

Holiday flash mobs are quite common. Some can be sentimental.


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