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AIESEC Nicaragua's Vision

  • We’re a consolidated and sustainable entity that offers High Quality Services. Our members are oriented to results that generate life changing experiences.

AIESEC Nicaragua's drivers 13-14

  • High quality AIESEC experiences through strong TM processes, Competitive sales and sustainable processesto leverage our operations, Customer focus strategiesto improve stakeholders experience.

MCP Words

Global Entrepreneurial winners... what does really mean?

For those who just entered as AIESEC members in the last weeks, I have to tell you our AIESEC Nicaragua after one and a half year of existence and work was awarded in the biggest AIESEC congress, last august on Egypt with the Global Entrepreneurial award, but what does mean?

After being here in AIESEC Nicaragua for almost one year and 4 months, living the most powerful moments that our entity has lived here in Nicaragua, sharing every single experience, achievement, missachievement, success, with every single member, I can deeply say and be sure that being recognized in front of almost 1000 leaders from around 110 countries means that all the efforts for bringing development for nicaraguan youth, for providing progress to Nicaragua and for making the world aware of what the nicaraguans are made, was what all the road walked so far has been worth it.

That award means all the dreams, means David Zúñiga making efforts for making possible AIESEC in his country, means Marcela Herdocia joining to David in his efforts, means the expansion manager, Mahetsi and the expansion team she formed, means the first members recruited, means Mafer and the MC ONE... means the first LC and the first EB of Nicaragua: AIESEC Managua and the EB Monster, means the first organizations which trusted us and said YES to AIESEC Nicaragua, means the first people signed up for being EPs, means Rosa Italia our first EP who went to India, means Deborah the first trainee arriving to Nicaragua, means Honduras and the efforts we made for making the youth there aware of AIESEC existence, means the universities who have made possible to go and expand the AIESEC voice to more young people, means the conferences and the chairs we had and their faith in Nicaragua, means the 10 people we have sent abroad and the 6 we've received so far, means our amazing NSTs who are there unconditionally always... means AIESEC León, AIESEC Keiser and AIESEC UCA's members who have joined to our path together to AIESEC Managua, means the MC UP and all the commitment and conviction toward Nicaragua... means you, means us, means the generations which will come, means the responsability we do have NOW for making and preparing the road to be walked by the youth we aim to develop and grow through the AIESEC experiences, means our big purpose of making a better world, a better Nicaragua by making leaders to ourselves and then make the nicaraguan youth as the leaders the planet need.

I invite you to live a 500% your AIESEC experience, and live your time here, with all your heart, all your love, all your passion, having always present that your actions of today will influence the results of tomorrow.


MCP 13-14 AIESEC Nicaragua


  • To whole AIESEC Nicaragua's members for the amazing participation in StartUP congress the las october and especially for having all together created the AIESEC Nicaragua's path toward AIESEC 2015.

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  • Thanks to our Chair Christopher from Costa Rica and our Faci Christina from Puerto Rico for coming to Nicaragua and being part of Start UP Congress.
  • To the OC of StartUP Congress: Lilliam Riguero, Alejandro Raudales, Iris Martínez, Escarlett Calero for the great work done for making possible this amazing conference! :D
  • To AIESEC Managua for winning the Best OGX Recruitment in StartUP Congress. Well done guys!
  • Congrats to SU Keiser for being the winner of Best TM Recruitment on Start UP Congress!
  • Welcome to William Perez new SUVP TM of SU UCA!
  • Congratulations to AIESEC Managua for the innovation done in the winter recruiment processes, take a look in ther fan page and its web page

  • Congratulations to the 6 brave AIESECers who are taking the challenge by applying to become in the EB of AIESEC León and AIESEC Managua! Success in the process to each one! Nicaragua is in the best hands.

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Corner News

Finance & Legal

  • Have you already checked the AIESEC Nicaragua's legal package? no yet? check it out and get to know how we do what we do!
  • We are working hardly for making true the legal status as NGO of AIESEC Nicaragua, we have already found the support from a parliament's legislator who will help us to enter our law initiative by this month! hopefully in january we will be an official NGO! stay tunned for the next news about it!
  • We have applied for the AIESEC Global 2015 fund, who provide financial support for innovative ideas of AIESEC entities in the world which aim to approach us to our vision 2015. We will know at the end of november is we will be awarded, stay tuned for the coming news about it!

Talent Management

  • We just finished TM recruitment in AIESEC Keiser and AIESEC UCA, we have our new teams consolidated.
  • Welcome to the new member of TM NST TEAM Gabriel Cordoves (aka BOB). He will support us as education manager.
  • We are consolidating our new expansion initiatives in Matagalpa and UNAN Managua both of them focus on ICX.
  • We implement mentorship for TM VPs UCA and Keiser is James Akume (National Learning and Talent Management Unit AIESEC NIGERIA), Managua and Leon, Joel Ikpobu (Human Resource and Operations Manager AIESEC Benue).
  • We just signed a new agreement with an university! with UNICA, thanks to this, AIESEC Nicaragua will provide more experiences to more nicaraguan youth in our 4 programmes!
  • The first round of EB applications for AIESEC Managua and AIESEC León was closed 6 brave AIESECers applied (more in recognitions section) in this month we will know what is going to be the result of the s/election process! Stay tuned!


  • We have a new team of SU UCA! It has 5 new members. Also, we have ER members of LC Managua who will rock ICX sales with us.
  • We established Cy2Cy cooperations with Brazil, Mexico and Peru. The goal for this peak is 35EPs & the national project is Global Citizen (education sphere). The main focus for now is raising TNs and also connect to business to sell CSR and make our project sustainable.
  • How YOU can help us? If you were studing in school in Managua, Granada or Masaya please contact MCVP ICX Alexandra Popkova ( with further information (Name of the school, name & contacts of person). You can really make change for ICX and have interns in your own school

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COMM & Marketing News

  • New website coming soon! Currently is under construction but it will be ready in a few weeks. Stay tuned!

What We Do What We Do

  • We believe in the power of great leadership! That's why in AIESEC we focus on shaping future leaders today who will be responsible for deciding how the world is lead tomorrow. This is our contribution to building a better future for all of us. Check it out and don't forget to share it!

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