Taking Away Stress

By: Gabrielle Woelffer & Jack Nobles

Physical/Mental causes of stress

Stress is the body's defense mechanism, when you feel threatened or if something upsets the balance in your life. It's known as the fight or flight response also known as the stress response. Anything that has high demands or if it forces you to adjust can be stressful because it brings you out of your comfort zone. Not all stress is physical it can also be self generated, like if you worry to much that something could or could not happen.

Understanding and Dealing with Stress


Stress Symptoms, Signs and Causes


Professional Advice On Stress

"It all adds up. Playing high-level basketball all but requires a significant investment of time and money." Steph Curry

He had to find ways to practice and be apart of the team but he also had to deal with finding a gym that worked with the price. The cost to be on a select team is very expensive it was challenging to find a gym that would work with him on the cost.