Lucille Ball

Biography: Hayley H

Early Life

Lucille Ball was born in Jamestown, New York on August 6. First off Lucille ball made television history with her hit TV show I Love Lucy, but Lucille was more than an actor in the show she was also a comedian, model, AND actress on multiple TV shows like Stage Door in 1937. But before she even did any acting jobs she entered a drama school in New York.


Lucille Ball was a famous actor on her own hit show I Love Lucy

in 1926 Lucille enters a drama school in New York City mostly to focus on her acting career. 1933: signs with MGM (movie production company) 1937: Lucille Ball appears in Stage Door. 1950: I Love Lucy starts airing on television but also has to have permission from studio in order to air show. What was the impact she had on society? Well lucille ball was a beautiful actress mostly know for her comedic chops even after she retired and never done a peice of acting again she was still a beloved actress.

The Show Must Go On

Lucille Ball Married Desi arnaz in 1940 but Lucille divorced Desi in 1960. Even though they divorced I Love Lucy went on, Lucille married Gary Morton in 1989. Lucille gave birth to her first child, Lucy Arnaz on July 17, 1951 and her second child Desi Arnaz JR on January 19, 1953

research questions

1.Why did I choose this person?

Well my grandparents always tell me about past famous people and my grandma one day told me about lucille ball even though i have not seen her hit TV show I Love Lucy, i know she was in other different TV show

2. What adjectives do I have to describe Lucile?

spontaneous, goofy, charming to others, respected in studio, loved, cared for.

3. What is something new that I learned about Lucille?

I learned about her love life and her first marriage and divorce I also learned about her children and that her and her first husband Desi Arnaz owned a movie production company!

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