My hero :]

By: Noah Wetenkamp

What a hero means to me.

To be a hero to me it means to be there for someone to help them out and make their day better or even just being there when others can't, and that's why the one and only Shane Ruttner is my hero.

Shane Ruttner

Shane Ruttner is my hero because when I moved to Denmark in third grade I had always made friends. Then when middle school hit everyone pretty much ditched me and in 6th grade I had 1st hour gym and 2nd hour social studies with Shane. And we always used to make each other smile. We've known one another for 3 years and started to really talk at the 1 year mark. We pretty much do everything together. Jam our together to hip-hop/rap or dubstep, get in trouble sometimes together. And when one of us was sad we would some how have a way to make one another laugh. Thank you Shane Ruttner.

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