People should care more about themselves and others.

Act 2, Scene 1

For Example, when Mercutio is trying to find Romeo he says," The ape is dead, and I must conjure him.-I conjure thee by Rosaline's bright eyes...That in thy likeness thou appear to us"(Shakespeare p.1021 lines 16-21). This shows the theme of people should care more about others because Mercutio should care more about Romeo's feelings because Romeo just wants to be left alone. Also Mercutio should care more about who Romeo loves because Mercutio was going to use Rosaline to get Romeo to appear but he doesn't care about Rosaline, he just wants Juliet.

Act 2, Scene 4

When Mercutio is making making fun of the Nurse, he says," A bawd, a bawd, a bawd! So ho!...No hare, sire, unless a hare, sir, in a Lenten pie-that is, something stale and hoar ere it be spent"(Shakespeare p. 1033 lines 66-69). Mercutio should care more about the Nurse because she can't help it if she is old and looks the way she does. All that the Nurse was trying to do was talk to Romeo but Mercutio has to bump in and say something rude to her for the fun of it.

Act 3, Scene 1

When Mercutio is trying to get Tybalt to fight him, he says," By my heel, I care not... And but one word with one of us? Couple it with something. Make it a word and a blow"(Shakespeare p. 1044 lines 13-17). Mercutio should care more about his own life because he shouldn't just go around to someone like Tybalt who is more superior than him and tell Tybalt that he doesn't care about him and I dare you to try to fight me.

Theme Act 5, Scene 3

Juliet wakes up from her sleep to find Romeo laying dead on the floor and she reacts by saying," Yea, noise? Then I'll be brief. O happy dagger, this is thy sheath. There rust and let me die"(Shakespeare p. 1098 lines 183-184). Juliet takes her life just because Romeo drank the potion and died. She should care more about her life and not take it just because her lover died. She could always find another lover and there is more to life than just Romeo.

Wesley McCullough


Advanced English I

10 December 2014

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