Carpet Cleaning Services In

Katy, Texas

Katy, TX, 2015/ Press Release: Carpets are a much preferred flooring option by a lot of people in Katy, TX. It not only renders a beautiful look to the room, but also increases its warmth and overall appeal. However, carpets can gradually lose their shine due to constant wear and tear. The presence of various allergens, pollens, germs or stains on the carpet cannot be removed by in-house vacuuming or cleaning. It is essential that you hire professional carpet cleaning services to maintain the attractiveness of your carpet for long.

BMF Carpet Cleaning is a renowned carpet cleaning company serving the residents of Katy. The company has been providing efficient and cost-effective services for both residential and commercial properties since 2001. Being family owned and operated, you can completely trust their credibility and efficiency in the carpet cleaning business. The company has a large base of satisfied clientele in homes, offices, restaurant owners and builders in Katy.

Carpet cleaning services provided by BMF Carpet Cleaning includes:

  • Carpet Steam Cleaning

  • Rug Cleaning

  • Carpet Water Extraction

  • Pressure Washing

  • Carpet Stretching

The professionals at BMF Carpet Cleaning use the most effective methods to help you to get rid of even the toughest of carpet stains. After the cleaning process has been completed, they extract the excess moisture to avoid causing any damage to the carpet. Their technicians make sure that they reach your home at the specified time and complete the task without creating any mess. The company also provides 24 hour emergency services for problems that need immediate attention.

For more information about the carpet cleaning services provided by BMF Carpet Cleaning, call at (713) 972 – 5501 or visit their office at 5719 Roberts Rd, Katy, TX 77494. You can also log on to their website to know more.