The Benefits of GMOs

Varshni Muralidharan

Food benefits of GM crops

  • Scientists are developing a new product called 'golden rice', which is extremely rich in Vitamin A. This product can prove to be extremely useful in LDCs, as many kids do not receive the necessary amount of nutrients to develop a healthy lifestyle.
  • Currently, scientists are trying to add vaccines to certain fruits and vegetables.

Environmental Benefits of GM Crops

  • When a plant has extra immunizations, it will be able to effectively protect itself against diseases
  • We can then stop using pesticides and other chemicals

Best way to feed rising population

  • In countries with rapidly increasing populations, GM crops are an effective way to satisfy the population


  • New pesticides and herbicides can help save many crops from diseases and pests.


  • Scientists thoroughly test plants to make sure that they do not pose great risks to other plants and people.