Joy Jars

Hosted by The Black Student Union

Making Joy Jars

"JoyJars were created by Jessica Joy Rees during her courageous 10 month fight with two brain tumors. Jessie used her JoyJars to spread hope, joy and love to children fighting life altering medical illnesses". Check out their website for more information:

Come and create a peace of hope and inspiration for these children. I hope that you will come and be apart of something that makes a difference in a child's life.

Help Make Joy Jars!

Wednesday, Oct. 16th 2013 at 4-6pm

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

We will meet in Sigma Square and head over to the Office.

Meet and Sign Up:

Meet in Sigma Square- 4:00pm
Leave- 4:30pm
Coming Back- 7:00pm

Please email me if you are interested in going. If you are able to drive as well we can reimburse you on gas.