celebratory food-La Navidad

  • Buñelos, Buñelos are a fried dough ball they are some time fill with cheese.
  • rice and bean Tamales, Tamales and corn mesa with a filling raped up in a corn husk and then steamed
  • Sancho,Sancho is a chicken soup make with plantain, corn and spices

celebratory food- Day of the dead

  • sugar calaveras,sugar calaveras are sugar skulls
  • muerto,muerto is a circular bead
  • candies such as chocolate

bay to day food

  • jugos, jugos are fruit juices made in a blender
  • fresh fruits and vegetable
  • Arepas, Arepas are thick corn tortillas
  • fish if a long the coast
  • Buñelos
  • Plantains