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Why Gun Control is a Bad Idea

Laws Don't Apply to Criminals

Everyone has heard this argument before that gun control will prevent or make it harder for the law abiding citizens to get guns.

Permit Holders

Permit holders are people who have had state certified training and fear civil and criminal penalties, which these penalties act as a deterrent to good citizens. Less than 1% of permit holders ever do anything wrong with a gun.

Gun Control Increases Crime Rate

Chicago and D.C. have some of the highest crime rates in the U.S., these cities also have some of the toughest gun laws. Unlike places like Houston and Dallas which have very lax gun laws and some of the lowest crime rates than any other city in America.

Turn Out Like the 18th Amendment

18th amendment was the probation of alcohol. This amendment basically went into action and no one followed it, even the large brewers. So replace the alcohol with guns and you will have a big uprising and Texas might ended up seceding.

Civilian Need for an Assault Rifle

People argue that civilians do not need assault, but lets say something happens to the 5 branches of military and they can not operate anymore. Then if someone invades the country they will most likely use a form of AK, so the civilians are the only line of defense left and shotguns, handguns, and hunting rifles will not compete well.