installing a playground

seeking approval

this project of installing a playground would be going if it was happening it would

have to go through the district then it would have lots of guide lines and they wold have to do a board meting according to the principle the district has the last say about the project

the making of the playground

if i was making the playground it would cost around 2000-3000 dollars for one playground it would be build behind the school with the equipment the school has

it would be probably done in 2 to 3 weeks

the benefit of the playground

wouldn't it better to have more activities to due like installing a playground

to RSMS for the kids to have a better experience of how fun a day can be

outside also it can also give young mines a healthier life

building the playground

the playgrounds official cost will be 2,415.00 the playground will

be build in the big yard in the back of the school will be using the construction

workers who build the gym to build the playground behind the school

the use of the playground

it would be use around 4:50 it will be use appropriately people who come will clean after them self if it rains will put a cover over it so it wont get rusty if it gets dirty we can paint over it it would be painted if it ever get dirty or rusty

time to use the playground

the will be available wen ever going outside and after school the playground will be

available to public around 4:50 to 7:50 this playground will also be save for people

whit disabilities

save measures

the play ground will be build 100% save as possible as it can be and also it would have special swings with full back seats,slides with protectors ramps to get in if a Pearson has a wheelchair and also the spin wheels will have a wheelchair lock so they can use it

how will it affect the school

the playground can have good impact on academic achievements students listen better after a day at the playground , a playground can have beneficial affects on student's social development , a playground can improve students well being overall