Why Wind Energy is Bad

By Ty, Zac and Eliot

Background Information

Wind energy has been used to power things for thousands of years. However, wind energy has many disadvantages. The wind isn't always blowing, and its hard to predict when it will. Windmills need frequent maintenance and replaced parts. Turbines disturb nearby residents and can even harm wildlife. There have been many complaints of noise coming from these large turbines. They can not power as many buildings as fossil fuels at one time.

Social Impact

Windmills also have a large social impact. They cause shadow flicker that can affect nearby residents up to 100 minutes a year. They have also been proven to be an active associate in some diseases. The windmills are considered ugly by many people, and can lower the value of a house if you are selling near a windmill.

Economic Impact

Money is hard to come by these days. Hundreds of dollars go in to setting up and repairing windmills every year. Extra wind turbine parts are very expensive and they rely on government subsidies to remain competitive. The ugly windmills can prevent people from buying the houses altogether. Some tourism supported businesses may suffer due to these turbines. Also, buying land for turbines is very expensive.

Environmental Impact

The windmills are a serious danger to all flying animals. They kill 20,000 to 37,000 birds every year. When these turbines break, they litter the ground. The very building itself can cause erosion. The construction of the dangerous windmill can disturb wildlife. The tall turbines cast a shadow that don't let plants grow and the wind farms take up many acres.