Computer Engineer

Joseph Schweer

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The Basics

Computer engineers design and test computer hardware and software. They make a median wage of $88,980 - $98,300 per year. A ten year growth is about 14.5%, which is generally fast compared to other jobs. The annual openings are 4,081, which is also very high. Preparation needed is a high school diploma or equivalent and a bachelor's degree. Working conditions are described as working as part of a team of engineers. You may share office space with others. You must make sure that all details are performed and are completed accurately. Errors could cause computer systems to malfunction. You also might work evenings and weekends to meet deadlines or solve a problem for a client. Important skills for this job conclude of; Understanding written information, choosing an appropriate mathematical method or formula to solve problems, use math skills to solve problems, and notice when something is wrong or is likely to go wrong. Key high school subjects to study would be math classes through Calculus and science classes through Physics. Two elective classes that could help are computer applications and computer programming. Science and math are the most fundamental subjects to understand and enjoy.

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