About me

Jesse Freeman

My favorite song


One Republic - Apologize by shalea

My family

I live with my parents and two dogs. My dads name is Mike Freeman. My moms name is Candace Freeman. My dogs name is Mily and Otis. My name is Jesse Freeman. My dad and mom both work in Liberal at a sign company. We live in Plains, KS. Most of my family lives in Kentucky and Indiana. When I go out to Kentucky lake I go tubing and fishing. Its Huge!

My Freinds

My friends are Ernesto, Sader, Quory, Hugo, Obed, Rylee McDaniel, Marcus, Wyatt, and Marcos.

My hobbies

I play Xbox 360, I collect any kind of cards and I also collect Legos. Sometimes I play with my yo-yo. I play basketball and football at the Plains Elementary School with my friends. I can play guitar a little bit but im still learning.

Basketball Game

Thursday, Dec. 11th, 7pm

Johnson, KS

Max Games

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