Fable Story

Sydney Stanton

The Pig and the Bear

One day there was a pig named Jim. Jim was going to the pond so he could get some water. He decided he wanted to challenge himself and run all the way to the pond. Along the way there were a few bumps in the road, but when he saw a bear in the road he had no idea what to do. He tried to figure out a way around the Bear but there wasn’t one. The Bear said “I am Bonnie the Bear and you look quite tasty for dinner!” Jim was very scared and asked if he could do something to change Bonnie's mind. The Bear said, “If you go get me a bucket of water I will get out of your way.” The pig immediately ran to the pond and got the Bear a bucket of water. After that the Bear wasn’t pleased. Bonnie ended up having Jim for dinner. Later that day one of Jim’s friends came looking for him. The Bear was there again. The Bear said he was going to have Jim’s friend for dinner. Jim’s friend just walked away because he noticed the Bear didn’t have any footprints nearby. As he walked away the Bear didn’t follow. Jim’s friend was right, the Bear couldn’t walk. Jim’s friend got away and no body went back to the pond.


Size doesn't matter.