Biodiversity in the Amazon Forest

What's in the Amazon Rainforest?

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Facts about the Amazon rainforest

  • Amazon forest covers half of Northwestern Brazil, extending to Columbia, Peru, and other South American countries.
  • Worlds largest rainforest
  • It is known for its biodiversity
  • Criss-crossed with thousands of rivers

Important Information

  • Filter and reprocess carbon dioxide
  • Control local and regional climates
  • Cure human individuals
  • Scientist studies that some plant species have medical potential

Harmful Activities

  • Selective logging
  • Ground level forest fires
  • Lack of policy framework
  • Political instability
  • Governmental entities to establish and enforce legislation for nature conservation, poverty, and inequality
  • Gold mining
  • Oil
  • Overexploitation


  • Government and local citizens share an integrated vision of conservation and development to promote transformational processes.
  • Natural ecosystems are taken care of appropriately
  • Tenure and the rights to land are planned carefully
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Madison Vang