Weekly Newsletter


Dear Parents,

This week we had a fresh new start coming from our break by starting our new unit on boxes. We tend to limit children's imagination by giving them toys bought on a story. Don't get me wrong, it is amazing to see the games they create with them, but we sometimes see that they somewhat limit themselves to one types of game. Boxes allow children to broaden their creativity with transforming them into something new.

As we travel through this magnificent world of imagination, each child will learn new skills and also improve the ones that they have already learned.

Morning Meetings

Exploring boxes

We started our week by exploring the shape and texture of different boxes. What better way to do so but be allowing the kids to play with them.

The exploration continued...

This time we looked at how different boxes open and closed. They found out that one specific box had some papers inside so the conversation led to asking "what can you find inside a box?".

They continued passing the box around and describing it so that led the activity to build vocabulary.


When we change from activity to activity, students tend to go crazy since they have minimal guidance. Integrating fun activities, will allow students to concentrate on their task and be focused on what is to be followed.

For this transitions, we asked children to signal the different colors to check for their understanding.

Dramatic Play

Gift Wrapping Store

To integrate what we are learning on boxes and how we can use them, the dramatic play area was transformed into a gift wrapping store. Student are able to enhance their fine motor skills by using different utensils such as scissors for cutting, dot markers for stamping, and tape for tearing.


During the Mes de la Patria break, our garden was a bit untended, so this week we took the opportunity to give a hand to this wonderful space.

Happy Birthday!!

This last few week a couple of our students turned 4. We were able to celebrate David and Victor's birthday by signing and eating cake in the class.

Coming Up...

ISP is very excited to present Beauty and the Beast. Next week middle school and high school students will be performing this beautiful musical in the PAC. We would LOVE to have lots of elementary families attending, please see below for details of times and tickets. We look forward to seeing you there!
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