Michael Jackson

A "Thriller" Pop King

Road Blocks

Even though Micheal Jackson reached the top of the ladder. Micheal Jackson had many struggles in order to get to the top of the ladder in music. Born in 1958, Micheal Jackson became the lead singer of Jackson 5 in the early 1960s. In 1995, his music began to decline. And the song, "They don't care about us" Brought criticize for Anti-Semitic term. Also he turned his skin form, black to white that caused some people to say he was "Racist".

Top Hits

Micheal Jackson had many top hits, like "Thriller", "Don't Stop till you get enough" And many more. And with his time with the Jackson 5, the song " I want you back" reached the top 100, on the billboard hot awards. The recorded "thriller" stayed on top for a consecutive 37 weeks. With these songs he became one of the most well known music artistic around the world.

Drug Down

On June 25, 2009. Micheal Jackson suffered Cardiac Arrest. And he was rushed to the hospital, after his heart stopped. And then Micheal Jackson passed away. In February of 2010, his death cause was released. The singer had died of acute propofo intoxication. It was triggered by lethal proscription drug.
Michael Jackson - Thriller