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Our Class Newsletter 5/2-5/6

Weekly Note from Mrs. Schleicher

Thank you all for the wonderful teacher appreciation week goodies! I loved them all! We had fun sharing the flat students this week! Check out our bulletin board!

Have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!

Shabbat Shalom!! Stacy

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What Did We Learn This Week?

Language Arts

This week we learned about writing with adjectives to make a clearer picture of what we are saying. For example, The cute baby has pretty eyes. Also, we are learning about the articles a, an, and the and how to use them in a sentence. We took another reading test which went home for you to sign this week. In cursive, it's all about the tow truck letters- o, w, v, and b! We are having fun collaging our pictures in our autobiography books!


We learned the basics about fractions this week. We kick started the week using candy that we saw was divided into halves, fourths, sixths, etc. Then, we learned the terms numerator and denominator and that fractions are a part of a whole. We had fun "making pizza" fractions too!


This week we learned all about vertebrates, animals with backbones. We classified them into mammals, reptiles, fish, birds, and amphibians. We read books about each group of animals and then listed 4 important facts about that group. We will have a test next Friday over these groups and will be reviewing next week.


Dear 2nd grade parents,

יוֹם הָעַצְמָאוּת (YOM HA-AH-TZMAUT) = Israel’s Independence Day was our main topic this week.

The excitement is in the air as we are finishing the last pages in our “ARIOT KOTEV” book.

We just finished learning all the cursive letters in the Hebrew alphabet. MAZAL-TOV!

Please use the following link to practice and review all the cursive Hebrew letters we know:

Shabbat shalom,

שַׁבָּת שָׁלוֹם

Galia Sabbag

Book Fair News

We are looking forward to a groovy book fair throughout the week of May 16! Students will have the opportunity to shop during a designated time as a class. Additionally, students are welcome to bring in money and shop the book fair as early as 7:30 starting May 17th as well as independently during their recess time. Peace, love, and books.

Important Dates

5/10: Vocabulary test Unit 14(our last unit!!!)

5/11- Yom Hazikaron-

5/12- Yom Haatzmaut-5/12- tutorial for science test, please email me if your child will attend

5/13- science test over vertebrates

5/16: Book Fair Begins for this week!

5/18- Young Authors' Night, 6 PM

5/19- Pajama Day and I will not be at school as it's Kyle's pre-k graduation!

5/23: End of the Year Math Assessment from 8 -10 am (please make sure your child is on time to school)

5/24: Field Day

5/30: Memorial Day

6/3- last day of school and noon dismissal

6/1: Field Trip to Animal Safari- more details to follow