oGCP IR Newsletter #1

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Hello beautiful humans! Job well done on EPRD! Now let's CONVERT 'EM ALL!

Yes and here comes the real fun!
Matching peak's happening globally *everyone might notice from the email spams erhem* Brought to you here are a few items to CATCH 'EM 'Open' and 'Applicant' EPs to be APPROVED!

IGCP Process Chart

Questions: Why aren't some entities responding to my EP's OP applications.
Solution: After consulting each entity, each of them have actually different application and assessment processes. So in accordance, here you go!

Forms Available and Matching Deadlines?

Take note that even some of the entity still have forms in June, if May it’s done matching, then it’s done. (To communicate to them that don’t drag matching process thinking if there is huge lots of opportunities available in June still so we can take our time slowly, no! performing entities shall finish in May for their iGCDP )
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Taiwan Updates:
100 opportunities still available in May, only 20 remaining opportunities
available in June and July for Camp& Conference project that is why they are almost full in terms on getting EP (communicate to EP who intend to apply to Taiwan to switch their choice to other entities.

Wondering what is your LC current reality?

Check it out here. This is the last week data of your LC Applicant Analysis.

*p.s. Some LCs still in progress yo~~ keke

How to get effective response after EP application?

Using EXPA version-1. Simple 3 step. Advisable to contact TN manager within 24 hrs of application.

[EYP] AIESEC in Malaysia 2016 oGCP Summer Peak Matching Tool

Pssttt~Find [EYP] AIESEC in Malaysia 2016 oGCP Summer Peak Matching Tool useful too!

ICX Landing Page

Besides we have our very own oGCP Summer Peak Matching Tool. We would like to introduce you the ICX Landing page to ease you in finding projects for your EPs.

Matching Mania?

We want to know from all of you, which country your EPs prefer to have MaMa with! Get to vote for your top 3 in the form below !
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Upcoming Next

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AIESEC in JOINVILLE, Brazil Matching Day

Wednesday, May 18th, 12am

This is an online event.

GCDP projects: Smarketing, Gira Mundo, Driblando and Talk

Feeling interested? E-mail to camila.dressel@aiesec.net or a message to +55 (47) 9115-8495

AIESEC National oGCP Sensing

Dont forget your weekly sensing by 19th May 2016, 23:59pm (GMT +8) :D

Our Legacy: Last 15 days for matching
Nationally the matching deadline for us is 31st of May


  • Most of the iGCDP entities are aiming to finish their iGCDP approving process by 31st May, if our EPs do not match by the deadline, we shall not guarantee that in the month of June there will still be a lot of projects to apply.
  • EP requires at least 1-2 months to make pre departure preparation – VISA, air ticket,


  • June will be examination period for EPs – They will have no capacity to deal with pre

departure preparation.

  • Most of the OPS are happening end of May


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