Wood County Prevention

Otsego Local Schools Week of February 1st

Life Skills Education (8th Grade)

Wood County Junior Teen Institute Retreat at Otsego

Otsego Junior High will be the location of this year's annual Wood County Junior Teen Institute Leadership Retreat. The retreat will be held on April 15th from 3:30pm-8:30pm. All students are welcome to attend. Otsego High School's Teen Institute Leadership Group will be volunteering at the event. Students will be attending from all Wood County schools. If you have a son or daughter in grades 6-8, and would like them to attend the leadership retreat, please fill in the requested information in the form below in order to register. The student will then be given the application form to bring home. Activities in past retreats include small group break out/family group sessions, photo scavenger hunt, human foosball, and many more activities to help facilitate bonding, communication and leadership. All of the activities focus on healthy behaviors, choices, and decision making.

A word from Heather Youngpeter (Prevention Volunteer) **Be a good leader!**

Being a leader is very important, yet more important is learning how to be a good leader. Showing others a good representation on how to behave in class and in extracurricular activities could make classmates want to change their behavior for the better. Joining activities that others might be afraid to join could show those individuals how much fun the activities truly are, and encourage them to join. Learning confidence is an essential tool and will help when you go to college or the work force. Being able to strongly take on a task will show others your confidence and leadership skills. When being a leader, it is important to remember to work as a team, and not just take charge. It is good to have someone to facilitate, as long as everyone gets to participate.

A Pep Talk from Kid President to You


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