Camp Cris Dobbins

Elbert, Colorado - July 6th - 12th, 2014

NEW INFORMATION! - Updated 6/20/14

We have lots of new information about camp. I have added a supply list, an itinerary, some forms, and a to-do list.


1. Copy your child's shot record onto the physical form that Dr. Rogers has and sign the form. THEY WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO LEAVE WITH US UNTIL THIS IS DONE! If you don't have a physical-do it VERY soon!

2. To sign up for Cris Dobbins Campers notifications, please visit Remind 101. This will allow me to send mass messages to you while we are gone.
Step - by - Step:
a. Click on this red bar.
b. Click on the phone icon on the left of the page that comes up.
c. Key in you cell phone number with area code (will not work with land lines) and
the website will prompt you for a code.
d. You will instantly receive a text with a short, numeric code.
e. Enter that code on the remind website.

3. Buy or borrow a cot and three troop t-shirts.

4. We will be visiting an indoor trampoline park called "Sky Zone" on Saturday night. Our boys will be in the car for a ten hour drive and they will need a way to burn off some energy. We would love for every one to participate but we MUST have a waiver for the boys to participate. I have a link to a video about the business and a link to the waiver. They will send you a confirmation email when you have completed the form. Please forward that email to me so I can print them if needed. (

5. Joshua Crowder, Aidan Pantoya, & Joseph Pantoya will need to fill out all of the PADI forms listed below. These will be turned into me on Monday before we depart. Go to the two red links at the bottom of this web page to print them out.
Sky Zone Waiver Form to Sign

Please email me when you have this finished because I will NOT get a copy.

Sky Zone Promotional Video

Just click on the play symbol.

Packing List

Required Equipment:

Sleeping bag

Personal first aid kit

Extra clothing

Rain gear (ability to cover head to toe) Rain jacket/pants are best.

Water bottle

Headlight/flashlight (with extra batteries)

Trail food/snack


Map (see red box below to print map of camp) and Compass

Day Pack–big enough to carry rain gear,water bottle, class materials, etc.

Recommended Personal Equipment:

Cot (mattresses are not provided)

Small pillow(optional)

Sleep clothing

Good walking shoes or hiking boots (please break in before summer camp)

Sneakers (for backup and games)

Daily pair socks-Preferably wool, easier to dry and keep feet warm when wet.

Daily change of underwear

2 or more pair of shorts–nylon works very well

3-4 t-shirts

1 hat (broad brim is best)

Scout uniform


Swimsuit & Towel for showers & swimming

Long sleeve shirt(s)

Long pants

Fleece or sweater–avoid cotton sweatshirts, as they are useless when wet

Outer jacket

Long underwear–optional for those who get cold easily

Stocking cap or beanie (optional)

Other Equipment

Toilet kit-toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, shampoo, soap, washcloth, lip balm

Alarm Clock and/or wristwatch

Notebook and pencils/pens

Merit badge books, Scout Handbook (in plastic bag for protection)

Work done at home for merit badges, and/or things needed for merit badges

Medical Form (completely filled out and signed before camp)

Medications in original container

Eyeglasses and/or sunglasses

Small camera (optional)

Swim goggles (optional)

Pocketknife-small (optional)

Spending money, money for class/fees, in a wallet with your name. (Money for 2 meals on Saturday & 3 meals for the return trip)

Book, football, Frisbee, cards, etc.
All clothes should be packed in plastic bags.

Fishing equipment (small pole, bait, and zip lock bag of tackle)


Thursday, July 3rd :
Meet at the church to load the trailer and personal gear.

Saturday, July 5th:
6:15am - Meet at the church (with a full tummy)
Travel to Colorado Springs and arrive in time for dinner
7:00pm Arrive at Sky Zone. Jump until 9:00
9:30pm Arrive at First Christian Church to spend the night

Sunday, July 6th:
Cook breakfast & clean up to leave the building by 7:30
Visit Air Force Academy and attend church in the chapel
12:00 - Depart for Cris Dobbins
1:00 - Check in at camp

Sunday, July 12th:
9:00 - Depart for Lubbock

It's Time for Camp!

We'll be going to Colorado for another great summer camp. Get ready for trees, cool nights, rolling hills, and "squabbits". We will depart early Saturday morning and return the following Saturday.

This site will outline the steps you will need to take to get ready for camp.

Camp Cris Dobbins
Map of Camp Cris Dobbins

(We stayed in Stillwater last summer)

Sometimes we were together as a group:

Step 1

Go to the troop website and sign up for camp. Be sure to put $50 in your account as a deposit and get ready to do lots of fundraising. It will cost between $375 and $425. With plenty of fundraising and proper class selection, you can bring the cost WAY down.
Click this box for troop website

Click on the calendar to sign up. You may also use Paypal to pay your deposit on credit card.

Step 2

Select the classes you wish to take. Follow the instructions on the form very carefully. Be sure to mark your classes by priority. Some classes have additional fees. Check the link below for descriptions of the courses offered. Boxes highlighted in pink are times when classes are not available. Contact Marshall Chapman for the form you need.

Sometimes we did our own thing:

Step 3

Take you swimming test and physical. These will both be offered by the troop during meetings so be sure to watch the calendar. If you would like for your family doctor to do the physical you will simply need to download the form from the Denver Council website. Be sure to get the physical form AND the Colorado addendum. The forms can be reached by using the links below.

Step 4

Start raising money! We will have multiple chances to help your earn money for the trip. If you do the work, you will be to earn a large percentage of the money. Your account will be charged $100 per month beginning on May 1st.

Step 5

It's time to start gathering supplies! You will want a cot, rain gear, flashlights, a sleeping bag, headphones, and maybe an extra Scout shirt. The troop has some extra gear that you might be able to borrow if we all plan ahead. Cots are essential because the floor is very rough and we have very few to loan out. Tents will be provided.

Step 6

Start getting some exercise and break in some good shoes!

We will plan a side trip.

We will probably add another stop before we arrive at camp. We will have more details as the date gets closer. Last year we visited a gold mine in Cripple Creek and the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.

Got Any Questions?

Contact Marci Chapman or Jim Burton
Special Diet Request Form

This is not for people who hate brussels sprouts! This is for people with allergies or religious restrictions.