The Grey Wolf

Help save this endangered animal

About the Grey Wolf

The grey wolf is the most know wolf around the world. It has a great hunting ability and many adaptations. But this wolf is endangered and needs help to be saved.

The Food Chain

The Grey Wolf is a very good hunter seeking animals and preying on them using their sent. Wolves main can eat anything. They eat things like elk, bison, deer, hare, beavers, berries and plants. Wolves are carnivors, and normally find herds near large grassy areas in the spring. They look for weaker herd animals to use less energy when the hunt. During the winter, wolves will eat mice, birds, or fish and sometimes carrion. Wolves will eat their food very quickly to avoid being stolen.

The Grey Wolf habitat

The Grey Wolf lives mostly to the north, like Canada, Alaska, Europe, and Asia. They can live in forests, tundra, taiga, plains, and mountains. They live in the colder climate, because they have a big furry coat to keep them warm. A wolf will live in a den to raise their pups but most of the time, the pack will roam around and sleep inside their territory. Most of the population of wolves live in canada. they can also be found in Yellowstone National Park were wolves are trying to be saved. They like very timber covered land. Only the rain forest and the desert cant sustain a wolf.


The Grey Wolf has many adaptations

Coats are the main adaptations. They are made of wooly fur to provide insulation and long guard hairs keep out moisture. They have large fleshy pads and claws for traction and better support for snowy days. Wolves have a sense of hearing twenty times better than a human and have 100 times better sense of smell. Wolves jaws have a crushing presser over 500 pounds square inch. Vision is very motion sensitive and they have a reflective retina called Tapetum that makes night vision better. Wolves cant see any color. They have great stamina and can cover over eighteen miles in a quick trot. The wolf is very smart a knows not to over work it self and risk injury or death. Wolves have a large simple stomach that are able to carry up to twenty pounds of food. These stomachs let the wolf digest food slowly and can be full at fitness for up to fourteen days with out eating.

What people are doing to help the Grey Wolf

Many people have been scared of wolves because of fairy tails and stories that a wolf is a bad animal a will hunt people. But all those stories are not true. People have been trying to save the wolf for a long time, but there are still people who kill wolves for fun. There are national parks to save wolves and breeding programs in the lower 48 states in the United States. Even if we populate the wolf, they still need space to live. Forests are being cut down and it's limiting space. The average range of a wolf territory is 300-1,000 square miles, or more. A very effective program thats helping grey wolves is WWF or World Wildlife.

Please help save this beautiful creature!

Grey wolf hunting salmon

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