John Adams

Accomplishments in his Presidency

his birth/death info and his childhood/ family

john Adams was a president from 1797 to 1801 then died in 1826 at age 90. at 16 john Adams earned a scholarship to attend the university of Harvard. At an early age john wanted to work on the farm for a living but his father wanted for him to go to collage. He helped all around the house and farm and even skip school because of it

Education and his work

When he was invited to Harvard he studied law and when he graduated he teached after he was done teaching he was a lawyer for 2 years for the new England colonies. Harvard had recommended john had studded law but he didn't take it until his senior year

Important life events

john was one of the people who sighed the treaty of pairs in 1783 witch officially ended the american revolution. john was one of the delegates from Massachusetts. his family was one of the puritans that came to america

Accomplishments / Contributions

was on the committee that drafted the declaration of independence. he was also a member of the first and second congress. one of the first leaders to suggests independence

interesting facts

when john Adams became president his population was 4.9 million. he was the only president to not be a slave owner he grew up in the city of Boston Massachusetts in Boston his father was a political leader

More interesting facts

he had a 2 year law degree and over 4 million people to worry about . was a congress member of both sides of senate and congress. he defeated British soldiers that killed five Americans in the Boston massacre. he was the first president to ever live in the white house when it was under construction
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